Tutorial: A sweet felt pincushion

This is such a quick & easy project that's perfect for the weekend (a long one if you're in Victoria!)
 You will need:
  • Trace your shape
  • Cut x 2
  • Arrange & sew on your buttons
  • Take a very long piece of thread, double over & knot.
  • Place knot in the centre of two pieces and needle through to the top felt piece.
  • Start you blanket stitch.
  • Needle through both pieces of felt
  • Bringing your needle through the middle of the loop that has formed
  • Pull tight
  • Continue with blanket stitch until you are left with a small gap.
  • Stuff with your filling until it is firm and plump.
  • Until stitching until the gap is closed.
  • Tie off your threads.

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