My 5 Favourite things this week

The amount of crafty content out there in blog land can be a little overwhelming so I've done the hard work for you and created this week's top 5.

1. Cotton and Curls - An awesome re-fashioning blog with loads of detailed tutorials

2. I must of miss this Beach Vintage tutorial of a pincushion in a frame when it was posted back in March.

3. An interesting blog post on the Stylise Me blog had lots of crafty peeps talking.

4. I love this image from Amy of Badskirt as she continues the story of Smith. 

5. A another great idea from Anthropologie. Pinwheel Push Pins - yo-yo's on thumb tacks! 


Tiff said...

Jodie, that's what I just love about you! You do all the hard work for sure! In this busy world you are a shining star of the newest and the most gorgeous things! (As well as the most invaluable sewing info possible!)
Hope your weekend was wonderful!
(I have been making yoyo hearts, thanks again for the gadget! I haven't tried the flowers yet.. will post them to show you when I do!) x

Luisa said...

Gorgeous Jodi - best of wishes for tomorrow x

Jodie said...

Thank you Tiff & Luisa, your continued support is amazing xx