Are you ready for sewing school?

The internet is an amazing source for finding information on almost any topic imaginable whether it relates to sewing or any other craft. The problem is they can be a little hard and you often need to visit a few different pages to piece it all together.

I know many of you have just started on your sewing journey so I’m about to make things a whole lot easier for you.

The Haby Goddess is going back to school and you are invited to join me.

The 'Sewing School' e-course is due to launch in June. It's a six week online course that is designed exclusively for beginner sewers and is 100% technique focused. It’s starts from the start and doesn’t miss a thing.

Now everything is in the one place.
Now everything is in the easy to follow format you’ve come to know & expect from The Haby Goddess tutorials.
Now everything is in the form of a downloadable pdf that you can print out and have beside you as you sew.

I can tell from the countless emails I receive from my readers, that learning over the internet is much more convenient and cheaper than attending classes. You won’t have to find a sitter or find a class that suits a convenient time in your schedule, there’s no long distances to travel and you can refer to the online classes over and over again. I will be available in this closed website to answer all your questions and you will also have the support of the other students.

Are you ready to go back to school and would like to know more?

Just hit this link, then reply and all your email address will be received. I’ll send you a personal reply letting you know more information and when you can expect all the juicy details! I will not be publishing any of the e-course details online here at the blog, newsletter or facebook page.  It is only available for those of you who request it.

I am really excited about this program as I know it will give you the skills & confidence to tackle those sewing projects you’ve been putting off. As I’ve already got to know many of you on some level, I know this is going to be so much fun – crafters are an awesome bunch!

So hit this link or feel free to send any question you may have my way.

Speak to you soon,


Tiff said...

What an excellent idea! It is a much more convienient way to learn for many people! X

Pam said...

Emailed you :)