Pattern Review: Chill Out Slippers by Toni Coward

Every since the Make It Perfect pattern book by Toni Coward landed on The Haby Goddess door step I have wanted to try these Chill Out Slippers.

I am super excited with the way they have turned out, and they will make the perfect gift for the many females in my family.

There are a lot of processes & steps involved with this sewing pattern but if you take your time working through each one you should be fine.  I don't think that it's a pattern for 'beginner' beginners like many of the other patterns in this book. 
  • I didn't use Jiffy grip (as I didn't have any) but you could also use felt. I just used fabric.
  • I had been looking for an excuse to use this gorgeous red polka dot, double fold bias so I didn't make my own as the pattern suggests.
  • The instructions for boys, girls & ladies are all minced together a bit and this becomes a little confusing (as you need to ignore steps etc) and as a result I missed a step and needed to unpick.  I would suggest to go through and highlight the steps relevant to the size your making before you start.
Overall, the pattern pieces, which are included in the book, all went together perfectly and they couldn't have turned out any better.


Rie said...

Wow! Fantastic, they look great! So now you're a shoe maker as well as everything else!
Congrats on a beaut job!

Tammi said...

Oh I LOVE these, they are just adorable and would be perfec to slip my feet into on chilly mornings :)