Gorgeous Easter Projects

I love Easter.  It's a shame that this holiday is so commercial, for me it means time that I get to spend away with my family.

I have a couple of Easter posts lined up. Today's is just a few gorgeous Easter projects that are perfect to get started on.

Would we expected anything less from Martha Stewart? You will find the tutorials for both the candy nests and Bunny Fold for napkins on the Martha Stewart website.

Retro Mama's Etsy store has this lovely Easter Egg sewing kit plus a pdf pattern to make Betsy & Basil the Bunnies!

Cintia from My Poppet shows you how to make your own fabric eggs without purchasing a kit. 

Honey Bunny is the way too cute hand puppet pattern by Clare's Craftroom.


Megsy-Jane said...

Some gorgeous projects! I particularly love the Retro Mama Easter Eggs - the colours are delicious. I know what you mean about commercial - we had easter eggs in our local supermarket before new years eve - I know, I didn't believe it until I saw it either!

clare's craftroom said...

Thanks so much Jodie for showing Honey Bunny !

m.e (Cathie) said...

beautiful craft finds Jodie!
I did an easy one from Martha's site (i am all about easy).
happy crafting ♥

Tiff said...

Oh too fantastic! Very inspirational, thanks Jodie! X

Linda said...

How cool is that bunny folded napkin?