Gorgeous Double Fold Bias

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Good Friday.
I have enjoyed spending the day tidying up around the house and getting it a little back to normal after 2 weeks school holiday!
Also took some time to photograph & list the new delivery of double fold bias binding that arrived yesterday.
Two new designs ~ polka dot & blue/green floral ~ have been added to the existing stock of cherries & strawberries, pink gingham and petite flowers in navy.
The quality is divine, they're a dream to sew with and all designs have a decorative lacey edge.
Available in the online store.


Liam's Mummy said...

That is so cute!

Vintage Fabric Addict said...

Just the perfect thing!!

Tammi said...

Absolute perfection!! Do you have any neutral gendered or boyish bias?

Suz said...

This is so cute - sure to 'make' an outfit!

Captain's Blog said...

how adorable and wonderful!
better than chocolate
thanks for sharing
hope they ship to the States.

AimeƩ said...

Want! But the cost...maybe I need to make my own...