Eco-Friendly Crafting

Choosing to create a handmade product over purchasing a mass produced product is an eco-friendly choice in itself, but now more and more crafting materials are carrying an environmentally friendly tag.  The variety is now endless with large companies also starting to jump on board by using organic processes or recycled materials.
1. Organic Cotton Herringbone  2. Pure Wool Felt, 3. Fabric Dyes, 

You may not know that The Haby Goddess online store not only loves to support independent suppliers but also eco-friendly products.

1. Art Viva knitting kit's includes the gorgeously soft DK organic yarn
2. Innergreen is a Sydney based company offering a fantastic alternative to poly toy fill.  It has created a sustainable fibrous toy filling that is made from 100% Natural Corn.
3, 4 & 5. A number of items such as , fabric covered buttons, Bunting kits  & Handmade piping have reused vintage fabric.


Megsy-Jane said...

Great Post Jodie. I love it when I know I am recycling something and being able to remake it into something new and beautiful too. It seems to contain the history of the old with the excitement of the new! I love using natural wool as a filling - ever since I used it polyfil has been history forever!

trudi said...

I folllowed the link to the woolganics. Wow - they have a beautiful colour range.Can't seem to get the link to the dyes though.