Video Tutorial: Using fabric button cover kits

I went well & truly out of my comfort zone today and made my very first video tutorial. 500 takes later and it's done! As I explain on the video, one of the most frequently asked questions I receive from Haby customers is how to use the button kits.  I normally direct everyone to YouTube but the links can be a little difficult to find so I did my own. I tried to keep it informal and not scripted (my husband said I was using my phone voice!!!) so I would love hear your feedback.
You will have to excuse my daughters orthodontist appointment on the red board!



Hi Jodie, it was so lovely to see your face and hear your voice, great tutorial, have used the button covering tools often for those exclusive projects, great for clothing too.

Jodie said...

Thank you Melanie, it didn't realise how difficult & long the whole process was going to be!

Anonymous said...

Jodie it's so nice to put a face to the name...I think you sounded great and the tutorial was easy to understand.
I love fabric covered buttons and the one thing I got from you which I have never thought about before was lining the back up!

Megsy-Jane said...

Hi Jodie, Thank you for another excellent tutorial - it was very informative and easy to understand, I wish it had been around when I first tried to figure out how to cover a button! You are ahead of me in the 'out of the comfort zone' department - as soon as I see a camera of any sort pointed my way I duck and run!
Now my only question is how many buttons did you use while during the 500 takes? :-)

Jodie said...

I didn't actually use that many Megan :) As you can see, the video is actually 4 short sections put together, it was the first bit that took FOREVER - I kept looking at the camera's screen instead of the lens! By the time I got to the last section I was a bit over it and just kept going LOL!!! I was running out of hours in the day.