Using Template Plastic Sheeting

Many of the items I stock in The Haby Goddess online store are there because I have wanted to use them myself. Template plastic is one of those items.

This nifty item will give structure to bag & purse bottoms, they give laptop or ipad cases a strong base and they're great for cutting out your own template shapes or stencils.  The large sheet (32cm x 47cm) can be easily cut & shaped. A popular item for quilters.

There are a few ways in which you can add template plastic to the bottom of your bags.

1. Spread a fabric glue along an open seam and press plastic down until it bonds & dry.
2. Sew a separate fabric sleeve for the template plastic then attach this to the outer fabric layer. (the most involved but probably the most secure option)
3. This option from Purl Bee (pictured above) is the one I like best. You simply place the template plastic in between the two fabric layers during construction and then tack around each corner bringing the two layers of fabric together & keeping the plastic in place once finished.  

Template plastic sheets are now available in The Haby Goddess online store. 

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Tiff said...

This stuff looks brilliant, I definitely need to try it! Thanks for sharing! X