A craft market..... with not a lot of craft!

Got up bright & early today and headed off to my local 'craft market' and was a little disappointed in the way the market is headed.  I've noted from the last few visits that the whole feel of the market is changing with less focus being put on craft/handmade stalls and the inclusion of mass produced/commercial products.  The stalls were very spread out making atmosphere almost impossible.

Out of the 25 or more stalls, only about 4 were craft/handmade.  That's less than 20% - at a craft market!  I am definitely not saying that there were no quality stalls there, as you can see from my hall of purchases there were many ~ and fresh produce stalls definitely have a place within a craft market. But it's not fair on these stalls that the organisers are failing to protect the markets image & therefore the stall holders livelihood. The town itself was extremely busy with local cafes serving breakfast, a huge turn out at church plus a tourist attraction running into the market location, so the potential to attract goods crowds is definitely there. 

Having been a stall holder for a number of years I can understand both sides here. As a seller, having a market stall is hard yacker, early starts, endless hours preparing stock & losing a day of your weekend.  As an organiser, the competition is fierce with so many markets each weekend I can understand that they need numbers to survive.

But having said that, some of the best local markets I've been too have been tiny with only a dozen or so stalls but they are quality, well thought out & have a wonderful atmosphere with fantastic attendance. They have remained true to the advertised purpose. And I think this is the key.  If you advertise as a craft/handmade/homemade market then it needs to be, same with a farmers market and trash & treasure.  Not a mish mash of everything.


Anonymous said...

I have been to a few such markets myself and have been really disappointed at the lack of handmade/craft stalls.

m.e (Cathie) said...

i agree Jodie.
I love doing craft markets because of all the wonderful stallholders around. they inspire me & they are just so darn fabulous to be around.

we stopped doing a certain farmers market because there was no atmosphere, there were other stalls selling similar things to us & really, the organisers didn't care at all & just wanted to have the most stall holders they could.
more money for them didn't mean for happy stallholders.

in saying that..now I want some of what you bought..mmm ♥

Vintage Sew and So said...

I sell at few handmade markets and am finding that the landscape is changing. People are starting to drop there prices just to get a sale & that hurts the other stall holders.
The Handmade Show in Oakleigh is a really good small, high quality market and I'm in the process of setting up a boutique market in Olinda.
X Kerri

Tiff said...

I have stopped going to my local markets... And no one loves a market more than me! I think a few new ones have sprouted up that are good.... But I am slightly disheartened, as I am sure many stallholders are. It is a problem when items can be imported so cheaply, what is the answer???X

clare's craftroom said...

I agree with every thing you've said and have said so well .