A gorgeous gift

A gorgeous little parcel arrived in my post box this week from Tiff.  I'm a huge fan of the Mrs Tiff Living Creatively blog where Tiff shares some fantastic crafty projects and it also links to her Etsy store.
Her parcel included shipping tags, cards and a bookmark, all handmade with vintage sewing inspired detail.  

I'm very excited as I didn't own a bookmark until now and it goes beautifully with my journal that sits by my bedside.
I will also be spreading the Mrs Tiff love this week by sharing some of the items from my parcel with Haby Goddess customers. 

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Tiff said...

Oh, Jodie, I am so glad you enjoyed your surprise! I came up with the bookmark just for you... from my stash... then loved it so much I created a pile more, so I could have one myself and give a few as gifts! Each one is slightly different and the perfect way to use some of my vintage style pattern paper that I had hoarded away! X