So you got a new shiny sewing machine for Christmas - Now what?

An item on many crafters Christmas wish list this year was a shiny new sewing machine.
If you were lucky enough to have Santa deliver on his promise, don't let it sit there collecting dust while being unsure where to start. I remember all to well receiving a brand new overlocker and it sat there for years because everytime I got it out I would muck something up and I'd become disheartened.
If you're new to sewing, try these suggestions to get you started, you'll never look back.

Do you prefer online?

Online tutorials are fantastic for so many reasons. You can do it any time of the day, stop & start in between kids & other commitments, most are free and you can look at them over & over.
  • The Haby Goddess tutorial page. I have a list of step by step tutorials on using machine attachments & using both an overlocker & sewing machine.
  • I've mentioned the Sew Handy page on Hoppo Bumpo before. This has a detailed section on sewing machine references.
  • YouTube - there is not much that you won't find here
  • and Google. So many people under use this valuable reference tool.
  • Forums are another great way of picking up tips and they're just the thing if there is something you are stuck on.
Do you prefer to be shown in a class enviroment?I know for many people that they would prefer to be shown one on one with an instructor. I love a classroom with like minded crafters. These courses/classes are usually lots of fun. Most centres are just about to release their timetables for 2011 so you haven't have missed anything.
  • Most sewing centres are now online so use google to find one in your area.
  • Go back to where Santa purchased your machine and ask them where they recommend. They may also hold them.
  • The big superstores also have DIY nights & Classes. You'll find a timetable in store.
Do you have any crafty friends & family you can ask?
  • Most of us have a talented family member or friend who would be flattered to be asked to pass on there skills.
  • This may be a lovely way to spend time with an older family member.

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Mel said...

*hand raised* This is me. You may remember my machine broke (oh so long ago) and it has taken this long to regain some free time again to want it on my xmas list. I was very spoilt but now feeling very bad that I've only had it out once. So a very timely read for me :) I have so many gorgeous fabrics waiting for me to to just do it!