I'm not what you may think!

Any visitor to my blog could easily get the impression that I am a girly girl.  A pink blog with loads of adorable pretty habyware and images doesn't help!

I wouldn't really consider myself to be this but I'm not really sure what my style is.  My study is modern with bold red accessories but my bedroom is soft neutrals with a chandelier! I dress very safe in classic cuts and never wear bolds or vintage. I have two daughters (one's a princess & one loves lego, hot wheels & nerf guns). I'm a bit of a mish mash actually and I sometimes have a little trouble trying to find the right feel for The Haby Goddess.  So you may see a few changes over 2011 as I try to work it all out.

In the mean time, here is some more haby sweetness that has been added to my online store. And yes it's as girly as you can get :)


MJ said...

Lol! If it helps, before I was a regular customer of this lovely store, my first impressions were of a stylish, modern store that brought haberdashery into the 21st century.The gorgeous logo and colours are fresh and pretty but don't feel overly 'girly'.

I was delighted by the range of different items that made the shop interesting to look at because they were not everywhere else. We're all a bit mish mash depending on our moods and I think you have captured that in the store as I can manage to find gifts for different people - whether they like pinks or blues!

popple said...

Hi my name is Emma and I thought I would let some of the lovely blogs that I follow know what I am doing for the QLD flood relief fund. I have designed a special t-shirt to raise money. Please stop by and have a look and spread the word www.poppleclothing.blogspot.com Thanks.

Jodie said...

Thank you Megan :)
Your comments are so lovely and very much appreciated.

Emma your appeal design is great, good luck with it, I hope it's really successful.