Back to school series: Simple labelling ideas

It's inevitable that you will find yourself at some stage in the lost property section  looking for part of your child's missing school uniform.
With my eldest starting secondary school and having just spent a small fortune, I will be labelling everything from her blazer to hair ties!
Here are a few simple labelling ideas that will save you time in the lost property pile.

1. Making your own iron on labels are a sinch.  You can use any type of fabrics here (florals are adorable) but due to strict uniform requirements I have stayed with school colours.

Add a product such as Steam a Seam or Heat N Bond No Sew Adhesive to a piece of fabric.  Cut into strips the required size with pinking shears (so fabric won't fray).  Add name with a fabric marker and iron to the back of uniform label as per product instructions.

2. If your little one is just starting school/kinder, it can be a little overwhelming when they see a row of school bags, artsmocks or even chair bags that are all in school colours.

Try personalising items with matching fabric covered buttons.  It will help them instantly recognise their item without having their name blazoned across their gear. Cover your own in their favourite fabric or buy some that are already covered.

3. Some other ideas are:
  • use a printable transfer paper.   
  • use a printable fabric (these are usually sew on though)
  • A DIY self inking stamp using an ink for fabric also looks very cute & unique.


Suzie said...

You might want to consider labelling your child...sometimes they get lost.

Teresa said...

Great ideas Jodie - timely too. I'll be sorting all of that out early next week, so thanks for the hints :)

Tiff said...

As a school teacher I LOVE the iron on label idea....I will be passing that idea on... my lost property pile in my classroom is HUGE and no one seems to own any of it??? I love named items... so easy to return!!!! X

Tina said...

Love the iron label idea Jodie!! I usually buy them from companies, but with the budget being a little tighter this year, making them myself will be so much better! Thanks for the inspiration!! ~ Tina x

Mon @ bpab said...

Thanks for this Jodie! I was told by some 'experienced' school mummies that often the original clothing labels get snipped off uniforms so anyone can claim it as their own, so to label inside the sleeve is a better option. Some people are rather desperate I guess.