It's not quite going to plan!

Today I picked up some gold satin fabric I'd been wanting and set some time aside to work on bedroom cushions.  I knew exactly what I wanted, after seeing something very similar in a commercial store.  I had the perfect cushion tutorial from Sparkle Power (no zips or button holes & our cushions were they same size), so I was all set to go.

But after doing a test strip, it just hasn't worked!  I wanted the cushion to be covered in ruffle bows (they had looked soooo simple to make) but my fabric is much heavier (the sample was in mircofibre) so it doesn't have the same fall and the satin frays even though I did roll hem the tops, it still looks a mess.

I think my husband maybe having some kind of spiritual intervention as I'm sure a gold satin, ruffled pillow on his bed is not quite what he had in mind when I said I was planning to accessorise! May try some pin tucks instead. STAY TUNED.....

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