Handmade gift wrapping ideas

Each year the number of wrapped presents under my Christmas tree seems to be dwindling.  This is not because I'm spending any less but I'm finding more and more family members are requesting money & vouchers instead! 

So this year, instead of having generic department store voucher covers all over the tree, I'm making these lovely little parcel pockets to place the card & voucher in. Here's the easy peasy instructions.

You will need some Kraft paper. The paper I used was quite thin so I doubled it over.
Buttons, laces or trims, needle & thread.

  • These can be made any size.  Making each parcel a different size with different embellishments will make them look even better together.
  • Take your paper and fold over leaving enough at the top for the flap.  Fold flap to crease paper. It will look a bit like an envelope.
  • Using a large zig zag setting on your machine, sew starting at the top of flap working your way to the bottom. Repeat other side.
  • Make some enhancements such as the basic fabric rosettes that I've done, add a button & hand sew to paper. You are only limited by your imagination here.
  • Pop your card and voucher inside and add some lace & buttons for tying and your done. 
  • Much nicer than a green Bunnings voucher cover!


Beck said...

This is gorgeous! It would be great for Christmas or any gift really. Thanks for sharing :)

Tina said...

I love this gorgeous idea, Jodie!! Thanks for sharing:) Have a fabulous Monday ~ Tina x

theoldboathouse said...

I love this idea, it would be so special to recieve a gift looking so lovely. cheers Katherine

clare's craftroom said...

Jodie those are just lovely ! Definately nicer than Bunnings !

Kristopher K said...

Fabulous idea !!!

Charissa said...

What cute envelopes. I like that you're able to put a personal touch on what otherwise could be a generic gift. Well done!