From one to another

Each morning as I work through my ever growing google reader list, I'm blown away by the amount of new content & applications I find.  One link leads to another then another.

Today I started with Amanda from Calico & Co who introduced me to the most exciting application pinterest.  It's like a pin board of all your favourite bits from the web put together in a very cool layout. You can create your own or follow others.

Once in pinterest, I found the Portal Craft pin board with a fantastic page dedicated to Craft & DIY.  It's here that I found the Corrieberry Pie blog and her wonderful fabric wrapping idea for coat hangers & bangles (they're a sinch to make). 

OK, I need to back away from the computer now and do some work.  It's so easy to get lost in the wonderful world of the web amongst the creativity & inspiration of others.

I hope you have a wonderfully creative day xx


Nattie said...

awww.. that's just so cool!! I might try that over the weekend :P and totally agreed with you, sometimes it can be overwhelming to go through enormous amount of blog post to go through in the reading list in a day and sometimes i miss some ( which quite unfortunate ) I totally gonna try pinrest a try! :) THANKS JODIE! Have a good weekend!

Anna said...

hmm, looks interesting, I'll have to check it out! :)