Beginners Tip - Adding a lining tutorial

When learning to sew, it can be difficult to visualise how things go without clear images.  If you're like me, even with the clearest written instructions, I can still sometimes draw a blank on how to do something.  One thing I always had trouble working out was adding lining to bags, purses etc.  I'd spend lots of time just trying to work out how it all went.

So as I continue to make my way through a custom order of Christmas stockings that require a lining, I have shot some images and added some instructions to hopefully help you. 
  • When sewing your lining piece, leave a gap in your stitching wide enough to turn the whole amount of fabric through. This is usually at the bottom where it will be seen least.
  • Leave your lining in the wrong way (as just sewn) and poke your outer fabric layer - right way - into the lining piece.  Both right sides of fabric will be facing each other.
  • Match any seams or notches and pin. 
  • Stitch the top to join lining piece and outer fabric piece together
  • Pull your outer fabric piece through the gap left in the lining
  • Your two pieces will now be joined with no seams exposed.
  • Sew closed gap left in the lining.  I have been lazy here and machine stitched it because it will be hidden in the stockings toe but you may wish to hand sew it neatly.
Another tip : I only use a straight machine stitch and choose not to overlock it as find the overlocker leaves a thick edge, especially on the stocking with three layers of fabric.

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clare's craftroom said...

Well done Jodie . I'm one of those that need lots of pictures too and you have made it all very clear , thankyou !