7 Things about Christmas Tree Skirts

I'd never heard of a Christmas Tree Skirt until I read the tutorial from Tina at Rubies' Place blog. Originally designed to catch candle wax and tree sap but now days they are mainly used as decoration, to protect floorboards, to hide the tree stand or to just catch all the pine needles.  It gives your tree a warm, handmade feel too. 
So using this fabulous tutorial, I've put together a list of idea's for you to consider.

1. The tutorial that started it all from Tina at Rubies' Place.

2. You can always count on Anthropologie to provide inspiration.  This is their Treasured Patchwork Tree Skirt.
3. I love the idea of the little bells on the edge of this skirt by the Orange Room Shop which lets you know when little snoops are under the tree!
4. Use this Braided Rag Rug tutorial from Moda Bake Shop to add a modern twist to your skirt.
5. The Fat Quarterly Holiday Special issue has a pattern for a gorgeous skirt.
6. Even a little tree can be given a special touch, like this felted mat from Maryimp of Etsy
7. Or you can get out your crochet hook a whip up something like this from Duchess Fare

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Tina said...

Jodie, you have found some fabulous Christmas tree skirts! All so different, but all just gorgeous!! Thank you so much for featuring mine. ~ Tina xx