R.A.P School Program

As mentioned in my last newsletter, I've been helping out at the local school for their Recreational Activities Program.  It includes working with a small group of 12 year olds teaching basic hand sewing projects.  In previous weeks we have conquered making felt covered measuring tapes, pincushions, button bracelets and fabric covered headbands.

I craft all day everyday, so I thought this would be a piece of cake but finding the balance between activities that are too young or too involved has been quite difficult.  You also need to make sure the activity will be completed within the time limit plus hold their attention.

I've loved doing it, the kids in my group are fantastic but I will admit I'm a little worn out by the end of it (and it's only for an hour & a half!!).  It gives me a greater appreciation for teachers that need to prepare class time for a full timetable day in, day out.

On this weeks agenda is part 1 of making a little felt wallet.  Part 1 is to embroider their chosen design ready to stitch onto the felt.  The image above is a sample that I have started to show the kids, I will work on the rest in class.

I'm using the Sublime Stitching embroidery transfers by Julie West available in The Haby Goddess online store.  These were great for this project as I only needed one sheet that was cut up into the different designs.  Each design can then be used a number or times.  The transfer just appears lighter after each use. I used pure linen for these swatches and they came up fantastic.


Tuin 21 said...

Now that's a great initiative, teaching youngsters the basics of handcrafting. Here in the Netherlands they are tought little or nothing. I'm teaching my daughter some basics, you never now when they might come in handy. So..keep up the good work!

cate said...

can you share some tips please? I'm exploring my creative and crafty nature, but don't know how to share that with my children, especially because of the different age groups, but I want them to know the fun of creating for themselves. Currently, crafting of any sort drives me out of my mind, and I don't want that, for me, or them!

Welcome to Beach Vintage said...

My daughter is a little young yet but I cant wait to get her started.