Crafty e-book goodness

Having a craft book published to print is often a long and very involved process.  Needing the attention and support of a publishing company, often niche markets with smaller audiences are overlooked.

The fantastic thing about self published e-books is crafters are offering their skills and expertise on topics that wouldn't normally get to print.

Some of the benefits of purchasing craft related e-books are:
  • Supporting the independent artist/designer directly.  Funds collected do not need to be repaid back to the publisher etc.
  • Live links give you instant access to references and downloads.  The author is also in a position to keep links current & updated.
  • You only need to print the pages or pattern templates that you require.  They can be done so over and over again.
  • The e-book is delivered to your inbox either instantly or usually within 24 hours.  No postage costs involved.
  • Relatively inexpensive compared to published books. But this will depend on the author and content value.  E-books with patterns & template downloads will have these items reflected in their cost.
There are oodles of e-book directories which will help narrow your search. Try these few to get you started:

Stitching Borders and Beyond by Carina Envoldsen-Harris of Polka & Bloom blog
Crafty Tree Trimmings is a collaboration of 6 crafters bringing you some christmas-y project to hang on your christmas tree.
Card. Paper. Ribbon by Craft Leftovers
This Sewing for beginners ebook on is free

I would love to hear in comments if  you have a favourite crafty e-book.

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I love the idea of a crafty e-book!