Celebrating some very cool indie publications

Are you sick and tired of seeing rack after rack of trashy magazines lining the supermarket shelves?  Why not give some of the fabulous indie mags a go.  Filled with interesting content and not a celebrity recovering from an overdose anywhere to be seen!  Many are online and some are even free.  Here are just a few to get you started.

If I am ever going to part with my hard earned Haby dollars at the local newsagency then it would only be for frankie.  This is one of my fav mags and it is now becoming more widely available in retail stores but you still can purchase online.  I just hope with it's increased popularity, frankie doesn't lose it's indie charm.

N.E.E.T is a UK based quarterly online publication, dedicated to showcasing independent talent - design, art, and general fantastic originality.  Issue 20 has just been released and it's free!

As mentioned, Mixtape is soon to be a collectors item with only 2 more issues ever to be published (one of those is online).  Produced locally here in Melbourne, it is a fresh look at all things indie.  Covering interviews from crafty folk, music from cool folk and tutorials for the folk that like to do.

A great online publication for all things kids is Babiekins.  A US produced magazine with a European flavour.  Lots of interviews and articles on the the people behind the creations. 

Another mag to look out for is Thaw Magazine showcasing regional Victoria.  Hopefully their next publication is due out soon.

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Priscila said...

Thank you so much for including Babikeins!!!
xo love your blog