10 ways to promote your craft

The Royal Melbourne Show is in town and has me given the inspiration for this post.  There are so many ways crafters can exhibit their work and show their talents to the world, here are just 10 of them!

  1. Lets start with the obvious, enter your craft in an agricultural show.  This is an easy way to display your craft to a mass market. An estimated 900,000 people visited the Sydney Royal Easter Show this year.  Most states have their own Agricultural show websites, with timetables of events in your area.
  2. The popularity of festivals such as Fringe Festivals are increasing, bringing indie style art & craft closer to mainstream. Check if your part of the world holds such a festival and how you can get involved.  Part of the Melbourne Fringe Festival this year is 'Home is where the Craft Is' running 25th September-October 3rd, exploring the role of Womens' craft as part of and related to the home.
  3. With a state election just around the corner, our local MP has opened a community co-op to support local artists & crafters.  Leaving their items on consignment, they open themselves to great exposure. Let's hope this venture remains supported after the election!
  4. Having a market stall can be a low cost way to display your work.  The price range of stalls varies greatly from $20 - $100's depending on location, popularity & size of the market.  Craft Fairs are now held regularly and expose your wares to mass crowds however there is a huge financial outlay involved. The Stitches & Craft show through the Incubator group, gave small indie crafters the opportunity to exhibit without the hefty associated costs.
  5. Holding an exhibition sounds like a monumental task but if organised with a group where cost & workload is shared, then it will be a lot less work. Pull it all together with a theme & ask your community to get involved. 
  6. Donate your work to a charity auction or raffle for some advertising in return.  Usually when organisations have a fundraising event, they will display the items to be raffled/auction for a period of time prior to the event.  Make sure your label is prominently displayed on the goods you are donating.
  7. Providing items for product reviews are a great way to gain exposure.  Be selective of who you provide items to, look for sites that have a large audience/following.
  8. Team up with other complimentary businesses where you can showcase your products to their clients.  For example if you regularly purchase fabric from a particular store, ask if you can display a few items showing how the fabrics can be used together or if you make children's products ask to leave a display at a kinder or child care centre for a specified period of time.  Ensure you leave plenty of cards/catalogue etc. 
  9. Opening an online store doesn't need to be expensive or overwhelming now that we have online market options such as Etsy & Madeit.  It can be as easy as listing one or two products for a minimal outlay
  10. Use it, Wear it or Give it! I don't know how many times I asked a girlfriend or even a stranger on occasions where they got a particular item.  Flaunt your products at every opportunity.  If you make bags, use them, give them as a gift to friends.  If you make children's products, make sure they are either worn or used by your child, nieces or nephews or friends children.  People love to see products in use. This is the best kind of exposure you can get.
Do you have any other ideas that you would like to share?

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