Sewing for tweens & teens - Are you game?

I remember all to vividly mum sewing for me as a teenager - massive hissy fits were sure to follow. Like the time she made my Year 7 high school uniform, or when she exchanged the baby pink cotton I wanted knitted into a little cardi for musty pink 8 ply wool - I'm amazed I can even function as an adult after such trauma!!!!

I have stayed clear of sewing for my girls now 8 & 12, but at my husband's recent 40th, our niece wore an very cute (& very basic) little skirt that she had made herself. So Miss 12 is now on the sewing bandwagon, wanting me to make a set of these cute skirts like her cousin's - one for each day of the week!

So while we look for fabrics, here's 10 great idea's for crafting for tweens & teens without scarring them for life!!!
    1. Pj Bottoms - even the coolest teens need these! This Make it Perfect pattern is now available in The Haby Goddess online store.
    2. What girl, at any age, doesn't love hair accessories? So try this Heather Bailey tutorial on making a headband.
    3. Who can go wrong with a notebook cover tutorial? This PDF tutorial is by Heart of Mary
    4. Ok, so you are feeling a little more confident your sewing won't cause hissy fits, you can now move on to this bubble skirt pattern by Hyperart !
    5. This oldie but goodie from Mildy Crafty will make any bedroom comfy with this detailed cushion cover tutorial.
    6. If you are a knitter and not a sewer, don't despair - here's a great scarf pattern that all Misses will love.
    7. With the amount of electronic devices young people have these days, make a phone or ipod case. They are very simple and you can use up scrap pieces of fabric you have laying around. This pattern is from Pacific Designs on Etsy.
    8. Fabric bracelets are so quick & easy that even the tweens & teens could have a go themselves. A cuff PDF tutorial from Edythe Anne.
    9. Brooches can be made to add to hats, shoes or bags. Use fabric covered buttons, yo-yo's or felt. Bella Symphony has put together a PDF tutorial on making this great brooch.
    10. Bags would have to be the most sure fire winner when sewing for tweens & teens. They can never have enough & there are tons of patterns & tutorials available. Try this messenger bag pattern by Keykalou


Piper + Lily said...

My Mum made my Year 7 school dress too - I'd almost forgotten about that! xx

Jodie said...

Did yours have a pocket? Mine didn't - I didn't have anywhere to put my keychain & locker key!!!

Anonymous said...

There are some really great ideas there... My Mum tortured me with homemade everything when I was a child... the school track suits with the band at the bottom and some brown drop-waist dresses... (I am shuddering at the memory) and I truly believe there are some scars deep down from that!!
Flick x

Anonymous said...

WOW I was against the grain here, not unusual for me though!!. Loved my mum sewing stuff for me throughout my teen years & often it was a joint effort with us both working on the latest design that the stores had but in our own way. Still sew with my Mum when we can & love it

Anonymous said...

Great ideas thankyou, I think if they are in black they will be a hit with my teenagers :)