A green alternative for Toy & Cushion filling.

Over the last two years of Haby Goddess (yes, we're 2 on the 1st September!), I've had many enquiries about finding an eco friendly filling for softies, cushions etc. There really hasn't been a lot of options in Australia and the price tag often meant it just wasn't worth it.
Now there is Innergreen, an Australian company that has researched, developed and produced a sustainable fibrous filling that is made from 100% Natural Corn. It is silky soft, non-allergenic, has a very low flamimability, resiliant and because it's a fibre made from corn it's 100% biodegradable. The current range includes cushion inserts & toy filling bags. This product is extremely well priced for it's quality.

And it's now available in The Haby Goddess online store

If you would a small sample of this product sent to you, please contact me with your details.


Anonymous said...

ohhh I really like the sound of this, espicallt for kids items!!!

starmum said...

i make felt feed and use the polyfil as it drys fast when washed what would be the drying time on this if compacted in a soft toy?

Jodie said...

This fill can be either hand washed or machine washed the same as polyfill. I would assume that it would have a very similar drying time as well. Feel free to send through your details and I can get a sample out to you to test against the polyfill if you would like.