Friday Haby Delights

This week's Haby Delights are bought to you in an animated gif that I just learnt how to do via a tutorial over at My Poppet. Mine is not anywhere near as creative as Cintia's but not bad for a first go. Head to the My Poppet blog here if you would like to play along!
  • Retro Mama's Pear Pincushion Sewing Kit Orange and Orchid Floral
  • Puiccomitta-Needle gauge is made from recycled plastic by Succaplokki
  • Apples & Eggs have a lovely selection of wooden painted buttons like these square floral ones.
  • You will find this Cherries & Strawberries double fold bias with lace trim from the Netherlands 'Holland Fabric House'
  • PDF Pattern for a pair of Vintage Flair Flats by Winter Peach
  • Knitting needle organizer by Mirka Design
  • In My Backyard creates this Little Forest hand printed fabric
  • This is one of the many gorgeous trims from Wholeport


The Essess said...

Love the animation, great job! I love that needle gauge too very cool...

Jo Wholohan said...

love this, thanks so much for sharing the link xx

Exquisite Accessories said...

Love the photo reel so clever & some yummy items too!! :))