Giveaway winner!

Thank you for all playing along, I loved reading your comments about the foods our mums would once cook and make us eat. It was all in a bit of fun and most certainly took nothing away from the wonderful job they did putting a meal on the table each evening.
I think it was standard practise to make your kids eat everything that was put on your plate in those days. I'm a little different with my kids today, as the things I genuinely hated as a child I still don't like today, it wasn't a case of being fussy. So if there's one meal or a particular type of vegetable they don't like then they are not served it. However, Miss 7 tries that with all foods so I need to be a little forceful with her!
The winner is Lizzibear.... Pea and Ham Soup.I hated it. Mum used to make it all the time.When i didn't eat it as a child, my mother put me in the bath and poured it over my head!!! even now the thought makes me gag.
Lizette, as none of your blogger details are available, please contact me and I will forward The Haby Parcel out to you - hopefully in time for mothers day!

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Congrats to the winner. xx