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I would like to share a story with you ........
A few years back, my mum organised an overlocking workshop for us both. Even though I did sew on a regular basis, I really didn't need to know any more than how to do a straight stitch & thread the machine correctly. So while we came away with many different fancy pant samples we had been taught on the day, it all really just went in one ear and out the other as I didn't have any use for these other stitches.
Years later my passion for sewing & haby has blossomed into what is now The Haby Goddess. But like so many of my wonderful followers and customers, my sewing journey is young and I still have so much more to learn.
I headed down to my local Metro Sewing store recently armed with a bag of machine attachments I was convinced belonged to my overlocker. I was wanting to do a rolled edge to make a ruffle. To cut a long story short, the bag of attachments didn't belong to the overlocker and you don't even need to change the overlocking foot for this stitch!!! I came away from the store with photocopied instructions, the knowledge of how to set my machine and a little red faced.
I am definitely not an expert and would never pretend to be. The Haby Goddess is a way that I can share with you amazing haberdashery products I find from around the world and general sewing/crafting knowledge I am learning along the way.
So what would you love to know?? Do you have a question that is bugging you?
The Haby Goddess newsletter is now including a section for your letters to help answer all sorts of sewing/knitting or general crafting questions. I will seek answers from real experts in the particular fields and publish them in the monthly newsletter. I am also giving away the gorgeous new Melly & Me pattern - Raspberry Ripple to one of the letters submitted.
So come on, don't to shy - send your details and question here. You don't even have to use your real name!

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clare's craftroom said...

You know me I'm not shy I just can't think of one at the moment but I will keep it in mind and probably start a list ! It's a great idea and I'm looking forward to seeing this , thankyou .