Make your own Eco Bags

Having recently signed up to be part of, I've pledged to reduce my co2 emissions by 1 tonne within the year.
 There are now numerous patterns, both pdf and paper, on how to make eco bags.
Crochet Eco Bag patterns.
  1. This image is from Lazy T Crochet for her originally designed crochet market bag, available in PDF form.
  2. Cute striped crochet tote is a free pattern available here.
  3. A crocheted string market bag pattern from The Tree Bridge in pdf form, is light weight and the ideal size to keep in your car.
  4. This bag also is lined with inbleached muslin to make it extra sturdy. From Soubrette Art
  5. This vintage gem is from Lost Craft Patterns available on etsy
  6. Taken from the Eco Art blog is this great free crocheted tote pattern.
Fabric Eco Bag Patterns. Basically any bag that is reusable and not made from plastic can be consider an eco bag, but usually they are totes or sling bags. There are oodles of patterns available, here are just a few.
  1. Melly & Me's Poppy pattern is available right here at The Haby Goddess
  2. Available from Australian Pippijoe is a paper pattern for her Sling bag
  3. This Emma Market tote is fully reversible & available on etsy as a PDF
  4. For something a little bit fancy, try this Amy Butler Birdie Sling (there are heaps of online stockists.
  5. Very chic Tanya Whelan Metro Bag downloadable pattern (she also has the most adorable fabrics)

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