Wonderful new stock on the way.

The Haby Goddess will be stocking a huge range of organza flowers from Milky Supplies. Handmade flowers which are perfect to use on your bags, purses, clothes, scarfs, hats, pillows, bed covers, curtains and more.
This delightful 3 in 1 kit includes everything you need to create these wonderful little dolls. The kit includes a doll panel (all three dolls), light denim backing, and hand-written instructions.The dolls were inspired by the bounty of Alaska's summers and deep Russian history. The green doll holds a salmon, the fuschia doll is decorated with fireweed, and the blue doll is covered with a blueberry heart.

I'll be sure to let you know as soon as they arrive!


Purple Paisley Patch said...

I love the dolls, please do let us know when they arrive, I definitely NEED to buy these. :-)

Sarah-Jo said...

oh I love those Organza flowers from milky supplies they are even more beautiful in real life
I used them to decorate the bodice of a dress I made for my daughter for her christmas concert