Beginner Pattern Review

Lisa from QLD willingly put up her hand to be a Haby Goddess pattern tester.

The pattern being tested was Little Bird's Cobana Pants pattern which had a beginners rating. Lisa is a beginner who had done a little sewing when she was a teenager but was now wanting to get back into sewing. Having just had her mum's hand me down sewing machine serviced she is ready and rearing to go. Lisa did a fantastic job, choosing some really cute light weight co-ordinating fabric. Here is some of what Lisa had to say about the pattern....

Tonight I have finished sewing the pants and I have to admit, it was really easy. I didn’t think I would finish the sewing this evening and have surprised myself. This is even with a few unpickings, but that was my fault. I shouldn’t have agreed to a fabric where the front looks fairly similar to the back!

I guess some recommendations that I would make to someone who is about to tackle this pattern is to read through it a couple of times so you get the ‘gist’ of what you need to do, and to also photocopy the pattern.

I did cut out the pockets but I didn’t sew them on but the instructions did look pretty straight forward like the rest of the instructions. I think there is a slight mistake in the pattern. The left leg patterns don’t match. I thought it was just me but then I noticed the exact same thing in the picture on the pattern. (I did check the pattern & image and it looks as if it is meant to be like that.)

So yes, the pattern was super easy just like it says on the front.

Thanks so much for letting me do this trial. I have really enjoyed it and it has given me confidence to so a bit more sewing. I can’t wait!


Catherine Hansen Peart said...

I would like to know what Lisa means by 'the left leg patterns don't match'. Great first effort!

Jodie said...

Catherine, Lisa is referring to the left cuff. It seems higher at the back. The actual leg length of the pant is the same.

I have received a response from the supplier and they have assured me that when they pattern tested it was all in alignment. I will make a pair myself to see if I have the same problem.

As you can see from the image, it doesn't really alter the outcome of the pants.