Melbourne Craft Expo

I'm planning to visit the Craft Expo on Friday and will be heading straight to the workshop areas for the Creative Sewing with Pfaff, The Yarn Lounge and Bernina 'Sew & Show' Apron Challenge. The program looks loaded with plenty to do. Tickets are $15 per adult with children under 5 free. Starts Thursday and ends Sunday. Open 10am to 4.30pm at Royal Exhibition Building, 9 Nicholson Street, Carlton

Are you going?

What interests you most when you visit craft/sewing expo's?


Rie said...

I didn't even know it was on! Damn, I can't make it - am working full time at the mo - not a moment to myself for such fun!

Claire said...

Thanks for this. I wasn't sure whether to go or not, or whether it was worth while, but now ill defo go along. Ps Love love your blog :) x

esther (it means star) said...

I love seeing all of the new material and patterns that are so elusive at the "normal" craft stores.

Kelly said...

hi there,
I love your blog.
Ive tried to click on the link to find out more about the expo, but it keeps saying there is no link available. :(
I also Googled it and it did the same thing....
does this mean it is still on?

Jodie said...

Hi Kelly,
This post is older so the event has past. Most of the craft fairs are finished for 2011 but I will be updating the Craft Fair Calendar located in the tabs above as soon as all the new dates become available.