Great tips for sewing Jersey

Sharon from Handmaiden has put together a fantastic post on Tops Tips for sewing Jersey It's one fabric that most who are new to sewing maybe be a little hesitant to try. So here are a few words of wisdom:
  • Like Sharon has done in her post, choose an easy pattern to start with. One with no zips & button holes is even better.
  • Machine baste all seams first to minimise slippage
  • Use bias tape on the shoulder seams to stop pulling
  • Use a Ballpoint needle to punch through the Jersey rather then cut it
Finish reading Sharon's post & other tips here, she even gives you all the pattern details of this dress that she has made. Some other great forum & website links for sewing with jersey are:

Then if you are all inspired and ready to give it a go, try these links for Jersey fabric patterns.

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