My Crochet debut!

About a month ago I headed to my Mother in Laws in Gippsland for a crash course in crochet. After all, I could hardly arrive at a crochet workshop hosted by The Haby Goddess and not have a clue!

I then headed home to tackle one of the adorable Amy Gaines Cupcake Crochet patterns.

I must of started and unpulled my efforts what seemed like a thousand times, only to decide in the end, to just keep going with it . It didn't seem to look like the pattern. And then it worked (well good enough for this beginner). I had begun by using the dark coloured yarn but was finding it too difficult to see any pattern forming or the holes I was meant to crochet in.

I am very excited with the beginnings of my cupcake. These are just a few tips from my own experience.
  • Before I started I practised a single crochet stitch from this You Tube tutorial to get the hang of it.
  • I found it easier to use a lighter coloured yarn to start with. Will now try darker yarn as I am a little more confident.
  • You need to crochet quite a few rounds before a pattern starts to form. It still didn't seem to look like the pattern - until I turned it inside out (who would of thought!!!)


Julianne said...

Congrats on your first Crochet project! It is looking pretty spiffy so far!

I am yet to learn how to Crochet, it is next on my 'Skills to Learn' list.

Rie said...

Ahh, that looks challenging for a crochet newbie! Well done on it!
As for myself, I start to follow crochet patterns, get confused then I make it up as I go along!

mimoo said...

well done Jodie it looks brillant!