Sewing Tutorials

The sewing & craft community would have to be one of the most generous when sharing information. I come across so many fantastic tutorials, either by goggling or following links of other sewers, that 'experts' in the field have put together and offered absolutely free of charge. (for your personal use only of course!)
Each week I will make a short list of some that I have personally used or come across. If you do use any of these wonderful resources, show the writer some love and let them know via a comment on their page!
  • This one is a current fav as I try to master crocheting - It shows you how to do a single crochet stitch which is required for the new Amy Gaines patterns. Tutorial comes from The Knit Witch
  • This next one is from Expert Village/Pipers Quilts & Comforts as they show you how to cut fabric for bias trims. Perfect for preparing fabric strips to use in bias tape makers.
  • Hoppo Bumpo is a fantastic blog which also provides free tutorials (and recipes!!). The one I most want to try is the shower cap. (tutorial that is!!)
  • This site is like a directory for sewing tutorials! Covering everything from sewing lingerie to bag making.
One last thing: Jhoanna from One Red Robin (you can get the pattern to her adorable Ruby Doll here also) posted this link on twitter for an Oliver + S simple little girls skirt. Definitely worth checking out.

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NicoleKane said...

whenever i find a part of a crochet pattern i can't do i look it up on youtube.
it's like having my crochet master aunty next to me :D