Clover Rose Maker samples

I had some time today so I had a go at making the roses with the rose maker pattern as mentioned in Haby Gadget of Week in the post below.

The concept definitely works. But you need a very light fabric so it gathers and falls softly while also being able to fold in between the pattern pieces. The fabric pictured here was a little too heavy. By the last one, it took no time at all to make as I understood how the pattern folded etc.

If you have any more questions please ask and if you have already purchased a rose maker I would love to hear what you think or even better, it would be great to send through an image.

The Clover Rose Maker is now available in the online store.
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Anonymous said...

Hi there, I was just reading you review of the Clover rose maker. I have been considering buying one of these but I concerned that it may not last very long. In the You Tube video's, it looks like its just made of paper. Please can you tell me what its made of, and if you think it would last well with repeated use.
Thank you :o)


Jodie said...

Hi Vicki,
The rose maker is made from a light weight PVC plastic. It can be reused over & over. As it doesn't need pinning or marking and if you use lighter weighted fabrics then I would assume it should last quite well. Obviously they are not robust though - some care would need to be taken.
Hope this helps :)