Haby Product of the Week

Steam A Seam is similar to the Heat N Bond No Sew. What I like about this product is it has a sticky back that sticks temporarily when applied. Once the item is in place, it will bond permanently when ironed, making it perfect for layering appliques.

Other reasons I love this product is that it comes in sheets that doesn't have folds and you can trace a pattern onto the backing paper, place the Steam a Seam onto the fabric and cut around your design. Each sheet is a generous size of 23cm x 30cm (about A4) and sheets can be overlapped for larger designs because of the sticky back fusible web!

Best of all - no sewing is required but it is light enough to sew through if you wish.

As an introductory price, this pack of 5 sheets is only $12.50 including postage to anywhere in Australia.International postage a little more. Available now in the online store here.

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