Art Viva Knitting Needles

A perfect gift for your knitting friends, these needles are hand made in Tasmanian Oak. The timber is harvested using enviromentally sustainable forest practice and all oils used are natural and organic. (they smell divine!)

I have loaded 4mm (US 6) at The Haby Goddess Online Store. Available in 20cm or 30cm lengths with a gorgeous colour range of red, orange, pink, hot pink, blue & lime green.

An introductory price for 20cm length is only $9.50 per pair and 30cm length is $10.30 per pair. Postage is only $1.65 for a pair with international rates a little more.

I also have limited numbers of 6mm, 8mm & 10mm needles so if you are interested in these sizes please contact me for further rates & postage costs.

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