I'm getting there......

I did say that these kits would be uploaded this week but there has been a hold up on the packaging so now I am looking at mid next week. The scarf is looking so cute. It will actually have five of these divine crocheted flowers and will come in a range of colours.

I have been trying really hard to get the example scarf done but I am sewer, knitting for me is hard work. My sides are terrible, sewing in of threads is woeful and my needles that I picked up from the Meeniyan Op Shop are bent (can't complain - 10c for the pair!!)

So if any one is game, the scarf pictured above with the imperfect knitting, is going to be a giveaway. In return all I need from you is a comment. The Haby Goddess has now had two fabulous months and I would love your feedback. What do you want to see more of, or maybe less of? Is shopping easier enough? Are descriptions detailed enough? You get the picture.

Comments on any future post including this one will be eligible. I will draw a winner friday, two weeks from now.


Lien said...

I actually just stumbled upon your blog yesterday. I like all the vintage buttons and "haberdashery" but I think its kind of hard to buy more than one thing on your website without having to send you an email?

Mary said...

Hi Jodie,

For a sewer your knitting looks pretty good to me :). I love the Wednesday parcels that you do great idea cept I was silly enough to open my in the presence of my daughter so some of it has gone walkabout. I like to see vintage buttons and stuff that you can't get easily from spotlight or the my local crafty supply places.

Vicki said...

Hi Jodie, I have been visiting for a few weeks, but have not been tempted to buy anything (yet). The surprise parcel is a cute idea but I don't need stuff that I may not use. Sorry, not much help :( Will continue to visit and will buy if I see something I need.

Bree said...

hey Jodie

i love looking at your blog and looking for stuff I could use. i do agree with vicki about the surprise parcel wednesday, i like your fabrics and cottons and ric rac and binding but i'm not so into sequins and stuff i'm less likely to use.

i really enjoyed the fabrics over the last week or so tho.

Rebecca said...

I grew up visiting my mothers craft shop daily and I learned a lot of talents which go hand in hand with my creative flare.
I just stumbled across your site and I love that scarf you are knitting. It's so neat and the tension is terrific!
Don't beat yourself up about it because it truly does look good.
My mother's shop was the George street Gallery in Morwell. It unfortunately closed its doors in 1991. However my mother and grandmother and I have continued on with our arts and crafts.
I will definetly bookmark your site. It's good to see someone doing something like this :-)
Rebecca Roche
Morwell, Vic