Mother's Day Chocolate & Marshmallow Bags

Looking for a simple project for Mother's Day?
You can't go wrong with a Chocolate & Marshmallow combo in teabags.
They are super easy to make and low cost.

Here's what to do......

You will need:
Teabag blanks - you can get them from here
Good quality chocolate - I used Lindt 85% Cocoa Dark Noir
Good quality marshmallows.

Grate chocolate finely

Chop up marshmallows

Spoon chocolate into bags

Add a few marshmallow pieces

Top up with more Chocolate.  The fuller the better!

Close up bag drawstring

Add some folded Washi tape for tags.

I made these at the shop and they drew quite a bit of comment from customers.  The general feeling was that they would not melt and seep through the paper.
They do!
I heated milk in microwave and then added the bag.  
Left it for a minute of two to melt the chocolate and marshmallow.  
Once melted, I stirred the milk and bag with a spoon.  
If you squeeze the bag a little with the spoon against the cup side, the mixture oozes out.


Helen said...

This is an awesome idea! I've now got some plans to make some tea myself from the garden, thanks for the inspiration! x

Stacy Nelson said...

I think I'd skip the bag, and just chuck the chocolate and marshmallows in the hot milk! Yum!