Tutorial : Laminated Doily Zip Purse

A girl can never have too many cosmetic purses and as Mother's Day approaches, this is an ideal last minute gift  to whip up for an awesome female in your world.

  • I gave this thrifted doily some added protection against grubbiness by adding a layer of iron on vinyl. I also used a thrifted zip and pillowcase for the lining.
  • Cut four pieces of fabric all the same size - whatever size you would like.  Two outer fabric plus 2 lining fabrics. I folded and cut doily in half and gave it shape with rounded corners.
  • You will need to small scrap pieces also for the zipper ends
  • First you will need to laminate your fabric with an iron on vinyl.
  • Cut two pieces slightly larger than your doily pieces.
  • Apply as per instructions - place over your fabric and smooth out with your hand.  You don't want and creases or air bubbles
  • Place the backing paper (shiny side down) and gently press (no steam, moderate temp), 5 or so seconds

  • Remove backing paper and trim around your pieces.
  • My zip wasn't to size so I cut it.
  • Sew your two scrap pieces of fabric over the zip ends.  Right side down on right side of zip.  Press back
  • Sandwich zip between the two right sides of fabric and pin. Your right side of doily fabric will touch right side of zip.

  • Add zipper foot attachment to your machine.
  • Sandwich your zip between the two right sides of the fabric.  The right side of your top fabric will meet the right side of your zip and the right side of your lining will meet the back zip edge.
  • Sew all three items together.
  • Remember to move zipper pull out of the way 
  • Press your top fabric back away from the zip. Add a piece of paper on top so you don't melt the vinyl 
  • Add a top stitch row to the top fabric keeping your lining fabric out of the way 
  • Repeat for the second side 
  • Pop your normal sewing foot attachment back on 
  • Open up your zip or you won't be able to turn it in!
  • Match your two top fabrics together and pin 
  • Match your two lining fabrics together and pin 
  • Start your stitching on the lining fabric leaving a gap to turn the pouch in the right way. The bigger the gap the less creased your vinyl will be when turned 
  • Clip your curves, trim and finish your edges - especially for the lining. Do all this before turning in as you don't want to do it again as the vinyl will become more creased.
  • Turn in the right way through your opened zip 
  • Close off your lining gap. Fold over neatly and sew a row of top stitching
##I have used a 3/8 inch seam throughout except for sewing the lining together, I took a slightly larger allowance of 5/8 so it sits nicely inside the pouch.


Maria said...

What a lovely way to give an old doiley 'new life'. Great set of instructions Jodie!

Catherine Peart said...

I love how this looks and I have a bunch of doilies from my Nana. I don't think I would have the heart to cut one up so I might check out the thrift store instead!

Linda said...

Thanks Jodie a great idea and tutorial.

Pam said...

Love that idea Jodie & I have a few ole doilies in my collection!
Thanks :)

Unknown said...


Blissful & Domestic said...

What a cute idea. I love the vintage feel of this. I love all things vintage. I am having a Feature Friday Linky Party and I would love for you to link this up.

Danielle @ Blissful and Domestic